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Bostar is a global supplier of Iron & Steel industrial, including ferroalloy(Ferrovanadium, Vanadium Pentoxide,  Ammonium metavanadate etc), Automotive & transportation parts & systems, Power Tools Parts, Computing Parts, Casting (Al. Mg, Zn) Parts, Stamping and Assembly Products, Forging Parts, Machining Parts, Injection Parts, Sensor, Lamination Parts, Tooling, electrical/electronic architecture, Engineered to meet and exceed standards of the automotive industry. Headquartered in China .Bostar has approximately 2,500 employees and operates seven JV manufacturing sites in china.

It is also the appointed supplier of the famous international enterprise of "BOSCH" , "PANASONIC" , "BEHR" , "GRUNDFOS" , "GM&M" , "Gates (Solus )" , "Teleflex" , "BLACK & DECKER" , "BLACK & DECKER HHI" , "JACKSON" , "NTN" , " Daikin" etc .

All over the world, the Bostar international stands for the development and manufacture of advanced technology and products. Bostar works closely with its customers as an engineering partner, starting with the initial stages of system development. New customized solutions are developed daily, which means that 200 new products are launched every year. The Bostar Group has invested heavily in research and development.

Bostar products are used in the automotive division for applications in engines, home and improvements, transmissions and chassis and in its industrial division. This know-how allows efficient, customized solutions at an excellent price/performance ratio. In the industrial division, Several business units for production machinery parts, power transmission and rail technology, heavy industry, and consumer products drive the Bostar Group joint business.

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