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   About Plant

Our Forging plant  manufactures the connecting rod for the diesel engine , gasoline engine , gasoline engine motorcycle , lower connecting plate,  forgings for container, motorcycle crank shaft.   There are more than 300 employees,28 engineers and quality Engineer .The plant has  4 die forging press production lines i.e 1600T,2000T,2500T,4000T and 8 die forging lines of screw  presses such as 1600T,1000T,630T,besides above it also has  30 advanced die manufacturing machines such as NC machining center, High speed milling machine EDM and WEDM etc.

We manufactures more than 5 million pieces of forging parts every year so with annual output value 10 MM EUR .At present we developed series of connecting board, truck  knucle  ,container door joint ,container locking device and locking device bed ..

We  have 28 sets of professional quality controlling equipment, such as metal elements analysis equipment, eddy current hardness inspecting machine, universal material test machine, three coordinate measuring machine, fluorescent detector, ultrasonic test machine . It has been authorized by ISO9001,QS9000,ISO14001,and been the perfect system in quality control that make sure for the best products.

The connecting rod is strictly meet with domestic industrial standard, so has been expanding its market share steadily and cover  more than 60 percent in this field.  We imported a 4000T die forging press production line from Russian and the line will put into production at the end of 2008.Facing the competition and realizing more company  pay more attention on the quality improvement to be one of the largest car forging parts manufacturers with the most and best car parts in China.

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